We are all on individual journeys in life, walking our paths in our own way while teaching each other through our interconnectedness. Through this trajectory, we make choices that lead us to create an outcome that we hope is a life filled with happiness.

Connie Cord, who is an avid truth-seeker on a constant spiritual quest, explores the concept that we are all directly connected to God while providing gentle reminders that love and forgiveness are the key ingredients to living a peaceful and joy-filled existence on Earth. While detailing her personal spiritual journey and awakening, Connie relies on inspiration from a thirteen-episode podcast she co-created with her niece to share beautiful, profound messages she believes are directly channeled through her connection with God. Each chapter builds on the next, providing truth-seekers with the opportunity to create a unique spiritual philosophy going forward that sparks an awakening within and inspires a new way of viewing life, love, and others around us.

Messages from Love shares faith-filled insight from our Heavenly Father that encourages truth-seekers to begin an illuminating spiritual journey to create a philosophy and truth derived from the heart and soul.

Messages From Love

We are here to remember through our experiences that we are each a soul, or spirit, housed in a human vessel called one’s body, so that we can experientially remember that we are a part of the One Whole. We are here to remember that we all are pieces, or sparks, of God in human form having experiences that teach us the grandeur of our magnificence. We are here to remember that we are inherently emanations of the Creator, who absolutely resides within each and every one of us. The only way to remember this truth is to go on our unique journeys, which help us learn and grow our souls. As we journey on, we’ll each eventually have an epiphany, an aha moment, that sparks our awakening. This is a moment of remembering and realizing that what we’ve been searching for our whole lives is right there inside us; it’s who we really are—perfect and beautiful sparks of God. We are connected and capable of all God is because we are inherently pieces of Him. This is why God says, “I am with you always. I’ve never left you. You just have to remember”. Remembering is the journey we call life.

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