Messages from Love A Journey of a Lifetime: Breaking Free from Religion’s Box

Messages from Love offers faith-filled insight from our Heavenly Father and encourages truth-seekers to begin an illuminating spiritual journey to create a philosophy and truth derived from the heart and soul. It intends to help ignite the spark of God within you, which in turn will stimulate your search for truth and ultimately help you find your real identity.


Messages From Love A Journey of Awakening and Remembering: Moving towards Peace and Freedom in your Life

In this second book, Connie Cord shares dialog channeled directly from Spirit. This new guidebook teaches you how to lift the veil of illusion, deepening your understanding of your personal connection with God.

Cord shares a host of thoughts inspiring you to live life fully every day, to live a purpose-filled existence, and to enjoy the journey along the way. She encourages you to create the lens of your choosing by doing the work it takes to see with Eyes of Love. Love is the answer to everything in life. It’s all about the love. When you can see with love, you are ready to experience a beautiful existence.

Messages from Love seeks to stimulate your desire to awaken and find God in the silence. It reaches beyond the box of exclusion, creating a beautiful spiritual perspective of love, unity, and inclusiveness. It deepens your connection with God and allows your soul to soar with peace and freedom.

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